Episode 1: Mr. Robertson

Welcome to the first episode of The Squire’s Path!

The Squire’s Path is Queen E’s first official podcast, where we interview people from in and around Edmonton about their careers, achievements, and future goals. Have you ever wondered what you want to do after high school? Not sure where to study, what to apply for, or even what career interests you? Well The Squire’s Path is here to help you learn about interesting career paths you might never have heard about, and just might pique your interest!

For our first episode, Zinah and Ayesha interview former Queen E Teacher of the Year, Mr. Robertson. Mr. Robertson joins us for a conversation on his career path through Biological Sciences, decision to become a teacher, and the experience of winning the Queen Elizabeth Teacher of the Year award in his first year of teaching. Check out the episode below, through anchor.fm and Spotify Podcasts!