The Edmonton Corn Maze

Hey Knights!

Did you know this is the last weekend that the Corn Maze will be open for the season? If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, bundle up and check out the Edmonton Corn Maze!

The Corn Maze is a great place to spend an evening out! Whether you’re getting lost in the corn field, or checking out some of the other fun farm activities they’ve set up in recent years. There’s also a Farm Market, and Pumpkin sales, so you can get ready for some Halloween fun!

Tickets are only $13 dollars right now, and at only 10 minutes away from the city, it’s a great way to spend the evening! Check out my visit to the Corn Maze below!

As with all activities promoted in Discovering amiskwaciwaskahican, The Knight’s Post encourages you to enjoy our beautiful city safely during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Wear a mask, bring hand sanitizer, follow social distancing norms, and limit your contact with people outside of your social bubble. Take care Knights!