Knights of the Month January 2021

Grade 10

Nathan Royal

Nathan is helpful to his peers and puts forth a strong work ethic in his school work. He has been called a “natural leader” and contributes to a positive classroom environment. During online learning he still managed to create an engaging and fun atmosphere for his class and this was appreciated by his peers and teachers.

Grade 11

Lena Moreau

Lena perfectly exemplifies the quality of kindness that we encourage our Knights to have. She quietly puts forth her best effort and participates in class with a positive attitude. During this second quarter she provided reassurance and assistance to a new student that was still getting settled in the class.

Grade 12

Owais Patel

Owais embodies so many of the attributes we aspire our Knights to have. He is dedicated, resilient and has never let his visual impairment be a barrier to what he sets out to achieve. Owais is a strong advocate for those with visual impairments being a part of a few different groups and even reaching out to CBC news for International Braille Day. During this interview he spoke about his personal experiences as well as the challenges he, and others, face with accessibility.