Chloe Nguyen

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Chloe Nguyen is an alumni of Queen Elizabeth, and Class of 2020, starting with us from the 2017–2018 school year.  As a student who was extensively involved in virtually all manners of the school, she was not only part of the Health Care Aide program, but was also an example student as team manager for the Senior Girls’ Volleyball and Basketball teams in grade ten and eleven, and was involved in the QSA.  Chloe is currently studying at NorQuest College to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN).   

High school, however, is not always a smooth start for some students, and it is extraordinary how quickly Chloe adapted.  

“I remember my first week at Queen E vividly because I was having trouble figuring out the transition to high school. I think it was my second day when I went to the school counselors to get more support.”

And she flourished, after that.

“At Queen E, I was part of a lot of groups and projects. While I was in GSA, I was invited to the UofA to speak to future teachers about the importance of having a safe space for LGBTQIA+ students. I also dedicated my Global Citizenship project to the high school experiences of LGBTQIA+ students and their struggles.  In athletics, I was the team manager for the Senior Girls’ Volleyball and Basketball teams in grade eleven and twelve which was fun as I had built strong friendships with other Knights. I also was a part of the athletic board since grade ten which was enjoyable because I worked with other coaches and referees while helping with all our sport teams. Unfortunately, I was not officially on the Royal Guard because of Health Care

Aide, but I used to help out with their events.”  

Easing into Campus EPSB, which allowed her to do Health Care Aide, she has made a career out of her high school programs and experiences—something not easy to accomplish.  

“Campus EPSB was an amazing experience and I certainly feel like it was worth it. I planned out my high school semesters to budget time to finish my certificate and I was sure of my decision. I remember being so excited to send a picture to Ms. Buhlmann in my scrubs, and I could not wait to meet new people. I would definitely recommend it to others because I have learned so much, and I’ve earned a certificate recognised by the province that is helping me with post-secondary.  Another bonus is that I only paid around $400 for tuition whereas if I were to go to Norquest to finish the same program, I would have paid eighteen times that amount.”

Chloe is becoming a licensed practical nurse, and her passion is coming quickly to fruition.  

“I am becoming an LPN because I love healthcare and helping others. I was also really interested in the human body and other sciences when I was at Queen E. I have already planned out how I am going to go into the Registered Nurse program because the scope of practice is bigger, and I love expanding my knowledge. I also want to work in the emergency department, so being a registered nurse would allow me to do more in that idiom.”

Chloe, in addition to helping her high school community, is now contributing in a meaningful way to her post-secondary community, and also continues to work through the struggles of being a student during COVID-19.  To all students unsure about being involved with their communities, she gives a reason why.

“I am currently studying at NorQuest and, truthfully, the pandemic makes it tricky balancing work and school. After I received my Health Care Aide certificate, I started working and online school was increasingly difficult. Even though online learning has been hard I have been doing well and I have held a 3.6 GPA.  Currently, I am an administrator for multiple class groups that help NorQuest students navigate and study for their classes. All these groups and experiences have helped me improve interpersonal skills by helping fellow classmates and colleagues.”  

Not even in just these communities, but others have received her unconditional help.  

“My favorite project that I participated in was not long ago, was when a couple friends of mine raised money to buy masks for people that were protesting George Floyd’s death. We raised enough of our own money with generous donations from others to buy around four hundred masks and water bottles to give out.”

But as a student herself, she has some advice for other students struggling in high school.

“My advice to others is to find what your morals and passions are and what is important to you.  I know this sounds cliché, but finding what was important to me gave me guidance in finding out who I am and who I want to be leaving high school, as well as a sense of self. The most important thing that I found in myself is to find help when you need it, and to not feel weak about it.”  

This is a unique student by example, Knights.  As part of the growing industry of healthcare, Chloe advocates for the LGBTQIA+ community, and continues to help today’s society, as a future registered nurse. Previously and currently part of numerous groups, Chloe defines who a student can become and what they can achieve. 

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