Knights of the Month March 2021

Grade 10Nathanial Lamouche

Nathanial is only in his first year of High School but is already completing courses that would normally be done at the Grade 11 level. He is able to do this because of the high work ethic that he has. During our period of online learning this year Nathanial was diligent in not only being an active member of the class but also staying afterwards to finish up the assignment for the day. On top of all of this Nathanial always has a smile on his face and is well liked by his peers and teachers.

Grade 11Dalya Abougoush

Constantly helping her fellow students and pushing her understanding of the material covered are two of the many things that make Dalya standout from the rest. Described by her teachers as a “vivacious young woman full of curiosity and spark”, she shows the school a few of the characteristics that a true Knight has. Dalya is also always eager to teach those around her about her home country of Lebanon. Simply put, Dalya is awesome!

Grade 12Abdul Al Mheimeed

If there is ever a day where the teacher cannot show up you can trust that Abdul could run the class! Helping others in the class is something that Abdul does often and does so with a generosity and dedication that sets him apart from the rest. Having only begun at QE three years ago and not knowing a single word of English, Abdul has made incredible progress in his academic studies. Without a doubt Abdul demonstrates the selflessness and work ethic that we strive for all Knights to have.