Knights of the Month April 2021

Grade 10 – Howard Stenson

Howard demonstrates a commitment to his learning and academics by always completing all his work. He is kind and asks questions when he needs too. He is a great example for all incoming Knights on how to approach their first year of high school.

Grade 11 – Einas Nouri

Despite being described as “quiet”, Einas’ kindness to others is quite loud. She is hardworking, always striving to do her best and has certainly made this school a better place for its staff and students.

Grade 12 – Pearl Pinnock

Earlier in the year Pearl could be found helping out her teacher in a Foods 10 class where she was given a taste of what it’s like to be a teacher, a career she hopes to pursue for herself. She always makes sure that the classroom she is a part of is a safe and welcoming place for all her peers. Pearl has grown immensely over her three years here and demonstrates the leadership qualities that we pride our Knights on having.