Episode 8: Ahmed ‘Knowmadic’ Ali

Hey Knights! Check out this week’s episode of The Squire’s Path. This week, Maryan got a chance to sit down with Edmonton’s 7th Poet Laureate, Ahmed ‘Knowmadic’ Ali. Knowmadic shared inspiring words for young people and adults as he spoke to us about his experience growing up, overcoming institutionalized racism, and succeeding as an artist, father, and community member.  Take a listen below on Spotify, … Continue reading Episode 8: Ahmed ‘Knowmadic’ Ali

Episode 6: Tania Shapka, Criminal Lawyer

Hey everyone! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to practice law? To become an expert of the laws of our country and use them to represent fellow Canadians in court? Or maybe you’re still not sure what you want to do after high school, and you’re looking for more ideas? This week, we interviewed Tania Shapka, a criminal defense lawyer based here … Continue reading Episode 6: Tania Shapka, Criminal Lawyer

Episode 3: Quarter 1 Review

Hey Knights! Quarter 1 is over! It has been an interesting ride with all the changes at Queen E this year. Mr. Herrera, Ayesha, Omar, and Maryan sat down to talk about how they feel about the new changes, online vs. in-person school, and their choice of schooling for Quarter 2.  Check out this week’s episode in your podcast app of choice below! Episode Link Continue reading Episode 3: Quarter 1 Review

Episode 2: Pravin Wedage

In the second episode of The Squire’s Path, we interview Pravin Wedage, an aerospace engineer studying for his PhD at the University of Toronto’s Institute for Aerospace Studies. Pravin received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta, and his Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Zinah and Pravin discuss what it’s like to study engineering … Continue reading Episode 2: Pravin Wedage

Episode 1: Mr. Robertson

Welcome to the first episode of The Squire’s Path! The Squire’s Path is Queen E’s first official podcast, where we interview people from in and around Edmonton about their careers, achievements, and future goals. Have you ever wondered what you want to do after high school? Not sure where to study, what to apply for, or even what career interests you? Well The Squire’s Path … Continue reading Episode 1: Mr. Robertson

What is The Squire’s Path?

Welcome to The Squire’s Path, a podcast hosted by Queen Elizabeth High School students and staff. Unsure about what you want to do after high school? Are you nervous about applying to post-secondary? Do you want more information about exciting career opportunities? Tune in for our interviews with professionals in a variety of fields, and all walks of life. You might find your path along … Continue reading What is The Squire’s Path?