Episode 6: Tania Shapka, Criminal Lawyer

Hey everyone! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to practice law? To become an expert of the laws of our country and use them to represent fellow Canadians in court? Or maybe you’re still not sure what you want to do after high school, and you’re looking for more ideas? This week, we interviewed Tania Shapka, a criminal defense lawyer based here … Continue reading Episode 6: Tania Shapka, Criminal Lawyer

Hafsa Hassan

By Ayesha Irfan Hey Knights! Welcome to Humans of Queen E, a space where teachers, students, and alumni can share their stories and experiences in a judgement-free, welcoming environment. For this week’s post we will be sitting down with Hafsa Hassan. Hafsa is currently a Somali grade eleven student who attends Queen Elizabeth Highschool. She has established herself as a prominent activist for Black Lives … Continue reading Hafsa Hassan

Hiatus: Discovering amiskwaciwaskahikan

Hey Knights! As excited as we are to continue to post content about our beautiful city, we also must do our best to encourage everyone to stay safe during this pandemic. With the current state of public health emergency, we have decided to take a break from posting videos about places to visit in Edmonton. We must all do our part to curb the spread … Continue reading Hiatus: Discovering amiskwaciwaskahikan

Rian Hoyle

By Megan Reid Hey Knights! This week on “Humans of Queen E,” we’ll be sitting down with Rian Hoyle. Rian is a Queen Elizabeth High School alumni, a political science major and student at the University of Alberta. She is a self-proclaimed “MUN (Model United Nations) nerd,” who is now volunteering as a diplomatic aide at the same Model United Nations conference she attended all … Continue reading Rian Hoyle

The Yardbird Suite and The Winspear Centre

Hey Knights! Looking for a way to check out some virtual and live music from right here in beautiful Treaty 6? Check out the programming at The Yardbird Suite, for some live jazz performances, and at The Winspear Centre for classical music. Check out my video below with all the details! As with all activities promoted in Discovering amiskwaciwaskahican, The Knight’s Post encourages you to … Continue reading The Yardbird Suite and The Winspear Centre

Mr. Lytviak

By Zinah and Maryan Welcome to the third post of Humans of Queen E, where Queen E’s community can share their stories and experiences in a judgement-free, welcoming environment. Mr. Lytviak is an alumni and math teacher at Queen E. His teaching style greatly reflects his love of mathematics, which enables him to share more meaningful knowledge, and creates a better learning experience for students. … Continue reading Mr. Lytviak

Episode 3: Quarter 1 Review

Hey Knights! Quarter 1 is over! It has been an interesting ride with all the changes at Queen E this year. Mr. Herrera, Ayesha, Omar, and Maryan sat down to talk about how they feel about the new changes, online vs. in-person school, and their choice of schooling for Quarter 2.  Check out this week’s episode in your podcast app of choice below! Episode Link Continue reading Episode 3: Quarter 1 Review