Knights of the Month February 2021

Grade 10 – Mohammed Huoseh Hard working, inquisitive and respectful are a few ways you could describe Mohammed. He encourages classroom discussions and will interact with any of his peers in a positive manner. He is always looking for ways to improve and grow and holds himself to a very high standard. Mohammed perfectly embodies the qualities that we want our Knights to have as … Continue reading Knights of the Month February 2021

Chloe Nguyen

You are reading Humans of Queen Elizabeth, where students and staff who come from unique backgrounds and share their unique school experiences.   Chloe Nguyen is an alumni of Queen Elizabeth, and Class of 2020, starting with us from the 2017–2018 school year.  As a student who was extensively involved in virtually all manners of the school, she was not only part of the Health Care … Continue reading Chloe Nguyen

Ms. Beebe

Hey Knights! Welcome to Humans of Queen E, a space where teachers, students, and alumni can share their stories and experiences in a judgement-free, welcoming environment. For this week’s post we will be sitting down with one of Queen Elizabeth’s Assistant Principals, Ms.Beebe. Her passion for student advocacy truly sets her apart from the majority of the teachers at Queen Elizabeth. Ms.Beebe’s desire for change … Continue reading Ms. Beebe

Knights of the Month January 2021

Grade 10 Nathan Royal Nathan is helpful to his peers and puts forth a strong work ethic in his school work. He has been called a “natural leader” and contributes to a positive classroom environment. During online learning he still managed to create an engaging and fun atmosphere for his class and this was appreciated by his peers and teachers. Grade 11 Lena Moreau Lena … Continue reading Knights of the Month January 2021

Episode 8: Ahmed ‘Knowmadic’ Ali

Hey Knights! Check out this week’s episode of The Squire’s Path. This week, Maryan got a chance to sit down with Edmonton’s 7th Poet Laureate, Ahmed ‘Knowmadic’ Ali. Knowmadic shared inspiring words for young people and adults as he spoke to us about his experience growing up, overcoming institutionalized racism, and succeeding as an artist, father, and community member.  Take a listen below on Spotify, … Continue reading Episode 8: Ahmed ‘Knowmadic’ Ali